$875.00 Complete First Level Freestyle

$975.00 Complete Second-Fourth Level Freestyle

$1,150.00 Complete FEI Junior/Young Rider Level Freestyle

$1,750.00 Complete Intermedaire I Level Freestyle 

$2,750.00 Complete Grand Prix Level Freestyle (Starting Price)

* Hourly rate $80.00 per hour (2 hour minimum)

* Rush Freestyles: A "Rush" freestyle may be considered to be any freestyle requested after May 1st of the current show year or any freestyle that needs to be completed within one month. Rush freestyles may incur additional costs.

* Price is subject to change

* A complete freestyle consists of music selection, editing, mixing and recording of show CDs plus choreography ideas with the end product being a competition ready freestyle.

* Please be sure to ask about our freestyle specials and discounts

*Original Compositions and Arrangements -- Call for a Quote

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